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Summer 2024 registration is open!

Learn about all the camp programs we offer at Namanu! Half-week sessions are back for our Blue Wing aged campers, and the following programs are still on pause: Outpost, Adventure Days, Trail Rides, and our Ranch program.

Looking for information about pricing, session dates, and financial assistance? Check out the Resources and Information page. Camp Namanu also offers leadership opportunities! Visit our camp leadership opportunities page to learn more and apply.

BLUE WING: Grade 2-3

The 2nd and 3rd graders at Camp Namanu work together to design a week packed with exciting adventures; picking from a variety of classic camp activities that spark their interest. Blue Wing campers can regularly be found playing games in the meadow, singing repeat-after-me songs, or searching the forest for signs of fairies and elves. Counselors in the Blue Wing Unit are specially trained to help guide the energy, enthusiasm, and imagination of 2nd and 3rd graders as they try new things and build friendships.

Blue Wing campers live in comfy cabins with an interior, private bathroom and shower. They participate in a variety of activities that may include boating in the duck pond, swimming in our outdoor pool, exploring the beauty of Namanu while hiking, getting creative at arts & crafts, and playing nature games.

SHERWOOD: Grade 4-5

4th and 5th graders’ natural curiosity lends itself perfectly to the energy of the Sherwood Unit, where they are given the chance to explore the world around them and try new things. Sherwood campers live in fully enclosed cabins and enjoy scaling the climbing wall, learning archery, playing in the creek, expressing their creativity in arts & crafts, and exploring new parts of camp, possibly even sleeping under the stars. Each week at Namanu is a unique experience made complete by singing songs around the campfire, playing games in the meadow, and cooking in the outdoors.


In Robin Hill, campers are preparing for the new social dynamics of middle school as they work together to design a week filled with classic camp activities such as climbing our rock tower, taking aim in archery, getting creative with arts and crafts, or exploring the beauty of Namanu on a hike. At Namanu, 6th graders are regularly encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions within an inclusive and caring community of their peers and counselors as they gain experience in the outdoors while building forts, cooking meals together, or sleeping under the stars. 6th grade is also the first year that they are invited to participate in our low challenge course or go on a hike through one of the creeks. Robin Hill campers complete their camp experience by living in screened, open-air cabins and singing songs around the campfire.


Living in open-air octagon cabins, Wildwood campers build community with other 7th graders and are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions within an inclusive and caring community of their peers and counselors. Together, the group can choose from a range of exciting activities including arts & crafts, nature exploration, and outdoor cooking. 7th graders enhance their ability to work as a team through the low challenge course and are given their first opportunity to challenge themselves on our high ropes circuit. Wildwood is also the first chance for Namanu campers to relax while weaving a rug or tea towel in our historic weavery.

RIVERBEND: Grade 8-9

Riverbend campers awaken to the calming rush of the nearby Sandy River in three-sided cabins. The Riverbend unit gives campers the opportunity to work together while planning a week filled with invigorating camp activities such as learning outdoor skills, taking aim at archery, getting creative with arts & crafts, or reaching new heights on the climbing tower. 8th and 9th-grade campers hold regular community circles where they are encouraged to examine and discuss their values and how they choose to present themselves to the world. During this time of their lives, Riverbend campers thrive off of the caring and inclusive community that Namanu has built over generations. 8th and 9th graders are encouraged to take on more leadership roles in their cabin groups and may choose to do an extended hike, challenge themselves on the ropes course, or learn advanced outdoor skills.

BALAGAN: Grade 10-12

Living in tree houses perched above the Sandy River, Balagan campers are given the opportunity to show their creativity, independence, and perseverance as they take on challenges both new and old. The sky is the limit for our 10th-12th grade campers as they work together to plan their own camp experience while exploring their thoughts, opinions, and values in an inclusive community. 10th-12th graders may choose to serve as mentors for younger campers, can opt to express themselves through arts and crafts in our historic weavery, or head out for the archery.

GEARS: Grade 10-12

*application process


This program is for high school-aged campers who want to get more involved in camp by giving back. Gears campers help to keep the dining hall running smoothly by leading meals with the Dining Hall Director, making announcements, sharing dietary information, leading kitchen patrol with other units, doing dishes and having fun working as a team. Participants can expect to work hard and play hard while still experiencing the magic of camp. Applications will be made available in late November 2024 and decisions will be made in January 2025.

Gears & CIT Calendar

CIT (Counselor-in-Training): Grade 11-12

*application process


Camp Namanu’s 2-year Counselor in Training (CIT) program transitions youth from campers to potential staff members. CITs follow a dynamic leadership curriculum designed to teach them about child development, behavior management, communication, decision-making and leadership. These young leaders receive mentoring, weekly feedback, gain meaningful real-life experiences, and are empowered to make and live by their own good decisions. Applications will be made available in late November 2024 and decisions will be made in January 20252.

  • The program curriculum is split between two summers:
    • CIT 1 – Program participants attend sessions 5, 6, and 7 in their first summer.
    • CIT 2 – Program participants attend sessions 1, 2, 3, & 4 in their second summer. A program graduation ceremony will be held at the end of session 4.
  • Gears & CIT Calendar


Online registration is restricted 7 calendar days prior to the session or program start date.  To register within 7 days prior to a session start date, you must call the Registrar at 971-340-1608, or email [email protected]. Please note that the Registrar office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm.


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