ranch camp

Camp Namanu has had to make the challenging decision to pause our Ranch program.

Below is more information…

The Namanu team, along with our Board of Directors, has determined we need to place a pause on our Ranch program. Ranch has been a beloved program at Camp Namanu for many years and right now it needs more time and love to help it be a strong and sustainable program again.

The main challenges faced:

  • Between 2019 and 2021 the herd has gone from 24 horses down to 14. The horses are now pushing 30 years old and are near retirement. Over the past years the price for horses has more than tripled the amount. Camp would need 24-26 horses in order to run the Ranch program successfully, and currently there isn’t the capital to invest in acquiring any horses.
  • The price of hay has also tripled due to increase in demand caused by wildfires and an overly dry year.
  • The threat of wildfires over the last few years in the area presents concerns. Camp is prepared to safely evacuate staff and campers if needed, but Namanu currently does not own a truck or trailer to safely evacuate the horses.
  • Updates are needed to adequatly care for the horses during the hotter, drier summer months.

In this time Namanu will be developing a strategic plan for the program, followed by fundraising efforts to support property updates and horse purchases. Maura Roche, camp’s volunteer Equestrian Program Manager who has put many years of help and guidance into the program will continue to assist in the rebuild and strengthening of the Ranch program.

Stay tuned over the next year for continued updates on the Ranch program and opportunities to lend a hand.