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Friends of Namanu’s Gathering of Friends — CANCELLED

CANCELLED Join us for Friends of Namanu: Gathering of Friends Retreat! Wednesday, July 6, 2022 3:00 p.m. to Saturday, July 9, 2022 1:00 pm We are anticipating long summer days and nights of fun! Gather your Namanu alum friends and come stay for a weekend. Let’s rejoice in our love for Namanu, share stories and…

Employers Must Shift What They Care About

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At Camp Fire Columbia we have chosen to center the health and safety of our staff and the youth we serve. Nothing we (or any other business, nonprofit, or government agency) do happens without our staff. We call it ‘collective care’ and it is the belief that every decision should start with what is best for our staff- because caring for them IS caring for our bottom line and our community.

Sparkfinder v.12: Honoring the power of young people

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Camp Fire Columbia believes one of the best ways to honor the power of young people is to share power with them through meaningful participation and decision-making–in programs and organizational direction.

Sparkfinder v.11: Cultural Appropriation

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As we explore cultural appropriation in our practices we will continue to work with Indigenous communities to determine and acknowledge harm, create a road map for needed change, and work with national to assess cultural appropriation using the tools and guidance of a task force, in which we are a part of.

Sparkfinder v.10: Environmental Stewardship

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When young people experience the power and awe of the outdoors; they learn to respect, love and care for our world.

Sparkfinder v.9: Enage in antiracist practices

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We recognize this work is a life-long journey and can be difficult at times but
giving focus to race and racism is necessary to the overall efforts for equity and justice in our work with youth, families and each other.

Sparkfinder v.8: Introducing Camp Fire’s Strategic Commitments

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Camp Fire Nationa formulated a new 18-month Strategic Plan that focuses on five main goals. Learn what they are!

Sparkfinder v.7: Collective Care

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In the last year we have created a way to not only give back to our communit but to grow, foster and strengthen it by introducing a new approach to financial aid called Collective Care.

Sparkfinder v.6: Expanding Possiblities

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We help each other grow when we look beyond what we already know and imagine new possiblities.

CAMP FIRE COLUMBIA Camp Fire Columbia operates programs in 20 schools throughout the Portland metro area and at our renowned 552-acre summer camp, Namanu. We utilize best practices in extended-day academic support, mentoring, summer sports and recreation, and experiential learning activities. Providing our high-quality services requires a stellar team of 150 people per year. From…