Camp Fire Columbia operates programs in 20 schools throughout the Portland metro area and at our renowned 552-acre summer camp, Namanu. We utilize best practices in extended-day academic support, mentoring, summer sports and recreation, and experiential learning activities. Providing our high-quality services requires a stellar team of 150 people per year. From working directly with youth outdoors or in school, to fundraising, to office administration, there is a place for you at Camp Fire Columbia. We seek a broadly diverse staff that can authentically teach, mentor, and support the youth we serve. Camp Fire welcomes and embraces all youth of diverse cultures, beliefs, experiences, and identities. We are committed to creating a culturally-competent, inclusive, and safe environment for all children, families and staff.

Camp Fire Columbia believes that every child should have the opportunity to find and pursue their spark. It is Camp Fire’s intention to contribute to the achievement of all youth while narrowing the gaps between white students and students of color. Our goal is to address the racial predictability of youth achievement academically, socially, and economically. To achieve this goal, Camp Fire will examine how privilege, oppression, and history affect the practices of our organization, and apply that learning to our work to effect meaningful change.

We know that working toward racial equity will require reflection and persistence. Camp Fire Columbia is reviewing our programs and values, deepening relationships with partners who share our goals, and developing policies that will shape our growth and work as an organization.

As we continue to learn, we strive to:

  • Prioritize racial equity in our curriculum, hiring, training, and partnerships.
  • Engage staff and volunteers that are representative of our service community’s demographics.
  • Collect and review information regarding outcomes for youth and employment practices to evaluate our work and adapt our programs and policies.
  • Provide opportunities and support for every youth we serve to achieve their individual goals.
  • Actively seek out expertise and input from families, youth, and the broader community about our programs and progress. 

Camp Fire Columbia is not undertaking this work first, or alone. Achieving racial equity will require collective engagement and commitment. With the help of the many great organizations in our community striving for social change, Camp Fire is dedicated to helping all students light their fire within. As a Camp Fire staff member, you’ll be part of a dynamic, engaged team working to help every kid find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

Benefits we offer:

  • 401k employer match for all employees
  • Medical dental and vision plans through Kaiser including CHP alternative care plan
  • Employee Assistance Program (9 free service visits)
  • 24 hours of volunteer paid time-off per year
  • Sick pay for all employees
  • 12 paid holidays, two (2) floating holidays
  • Two week paid vacation for 1 and 2 years and You get weekends off and work with an all-star team voted Top Places to Work by The Oregonian 2020 & 2021.