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When can I register?

Online registration for all sessions opens November 1 and is restricted 7 calendar days prior to the session start date. To register within 7 days prior to a session start date, email the registrar at [email protected].  Please note that the Registrar office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm.


When will Gears & CIT applications be available?

Gears & CIT applications will be released in mid-October, with decisions made by January 2022. Campers will be able to register for the program once they go through the application process and are accepted into the program. Note: not all applicants are admitted to the programs.


What cabin type should I register for?

There are three types of cabins you can choose from: all female, all gender, and all male. Please only register for the cabin type you and your camper are comfortable with your camper being placed in. If your cabin preference is not available, please DO NOT REGISTER for a spot in a cabin you or your camper would not be comfortable being placed in, and instead join the waitlist for your preferred cabin type.


Why did unit names change?

Namanu has worked hard at renaming cabins, buildings and programs that were identified in a cultural appropriation audit. The two remaining units of Pioneer (colonizing language) and Kiwanis (fraternal organization) have now been renamed to fit the new names of the cabins in those units and to be in alignment of using our buildings as a way to connect and educate all those that come to Namanu. Our 7th grade unit, previously known as Kiwanis, will now be Wildwood and our 8th & 9th grade unit, previously known as Pioneer, will now be Riverbend.


What Camp Namanu programs are still on pause for the 2023 season?

The following programs are still on pause: Mini Blue Wing, Outpost, Adventure Days, Trail Rides, and our Ranch program.


Is there financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available for families and more information can be found on our website. More info on financial assistance.

Please email our registrar at [email protected] to discuss options. There are no guarantees for financial assistance awards but we strive to provide every family the support they need.


Do I need to register and pay a deposit before I can apply for financial assistance?

Before processing your financial assistance application, you must be registered for camp and have paid a deposit. However, if families are unable to pay the deposit please email our registrar at [email protected] to discuss options.


What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policies can be found on our website. More info on cancellation policies.


What should my camper pack?

A packing list can be found in our Family Handbook located on our Family Resource Page. Packing tips and list are located on pages 5 and 6 of our Family Handbook.


What happens if my camper loses something at camp?

Any camper items that remain in our lost and found at the end of a session will be cleaned, sorted and delivered to our downtown office within 1 week of the session ending. To follow up on a lost and found item contact the registrar by email at [email protected]. Please include “LOST & FOUND” and the session that your camper attended in the subject line. Any remaining items not retrieved 2 weeks after the session ends will be donated.


What is the best way I can get in contact with camp staff while my child is at camp?

The best way to get in touch with our staff during camp sessions is to call the direct site line at (503) 695-6041. Staff are typically in the office Sunday lunch time through Friday lunch time, but if no one answers, please leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


What happens if my camper gets sick while they are at camp?

We have an on-site health care team to support the well-being of every staff and camper. For any serious or persistent health concerns, or those requiring outside medical treatment, families will be notified by phone as soon as possible. In the event a camper displays Covid-19 symptoms, we will house them in an individual sleeping space in our health center and contact their guardian to discuss options.


 My camper has a disability/specific needs. What accommodations are you able to make?

We strive to make Camp Namanu an inclusive and caring community for all. We are currently part of a 3-year grant process to review our facilities and provide funds to make camp more ADA accessible. However, currently our rugged site can pose challenges for some campers with physical disabilities. Similarly, we do our best to make accommodations for campers with behavioral/emotional specific needs. If you have concerns about your camper’s ability to be successful within the constraints of our rustic accommodations, please contact the Assistant Camp Director, Sarah Hinton at [email protected].


What about dietary needs?

The Camp Namanu kitchen is always creating new and delicious ways to support our campers with dietary restrictions. There is always a gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan option served at every meal, but if your camper has more specific needs, please be sure to list them on the Health History Form so we can accommodate them.


What staff supports are offered?

9th graders and below will be supported with counselors who live in the cabins with them. For older campers, a counselor sleeps near the cabin to encourage independence and responsibility. The ratio of staff to campers is 1:6 for Bluewing; 1:8 for Sherwood, Robin Hill, Wildwood, and Riverbend; 1:10 for all older campers.


My camper signed up with a friend. How will we know if they are in the same cabin?
When registering for a session of camp, you will have the option to select the cabin your campers are in. If they would like to be cabin mates, please have your campers and their friends register for the same cabin. During the check-in on the first day of the session you can confirm cabin buddies with the on-site camp staff.


What do I do if I need to drop my camper off late or pick them up early from a session?

We prefer that all campers arrive during our scheduled drop-off time and ride the pre-arranged buses at the end of the session. However, if you require an alternative option due to unexpected circumstances, please reach out to the registrar at [email protected] as early as possible to ensure our staff are prepared to support this option.


Does my camper need a Covid test?

Covid policies will be updated closer to the beginning of camp 2023. In 2022, we did require a negative covid test (at home rapid tests are acceptable) to be presented to staff during check-in. Tests needed to be completed within 72 hours of arriving at camp. We asked that a timestamped photo of the test was brought to check in.


When are my kids supposed to be masking?

Masking policies will be updated closer to the beginning of camp 2023. In 2022, we asked campers and staff to mask when indoors with campers of other units unless actively eating or drinking.


How does Camp Namanu support LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC campers?

At Camp Namanu we believe every camper is an individual and has the right and opportunity to be authentically themselves at Namanu. We recognize that to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming space for all youth requires ongoing reflection and work. Namanu is committed to the ongoing work of equity, diversity and inclusion. More importantly, we let all families know up front that Camp Namanu is a safe space for all youth. Bullying, harassment, or anything less than acceptance is not tolerated.


What are your emergency procedures?

Camp Namanu’s staff has been fully trained and prepped on what to do in emergency situations to keep campers safe. If you have questions regarding those procedures, please reach out to the to the Director of Camp Programs, Gina “Sprout” Sander, [email protected].

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