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West Linn Willsonville Public School Sites

Sloane Urbatsch Before & After School Registrar [email protected] (971) 429-2545 Tanya Spence Before & After School WLWV Multi-Site Coordinator [email protected] (971) 710-2260 Samantha MorelliBefore & After School Assistant [email protected](503) 803-9223

Portland Public School Sites

Jack Taylor Before & After School PPS Registrar [email protected] (503) 784-4579 Stephanie Vera Before & After School PPS Multi-Site Coordinator [email protected] (503)-758-9111 Marco Matias Before & After School PPS Multi-Site Coordinator [email protected] (971) 610-8106 Samantha Morelli Before & After School Assistant Director [email protected] (503) 803-9223

McMinnville Public School Sites

CAMP FIRE COLUMBIA’S MSD LOCATIONS   Buel Elementary [email protected] Columbus Elementary [email protected] Grandhaven Elementary [email protected] Memorial Elementary [email protected] Newby Elementary [email protected] Wascher Elementary [email protected]

Teen Programs

YOUTH-CENTERED APPROACH Camp Fire’s Teen Programs reach every student where they are, uplift their self-empowerment, and support them in building a place where they absolutely belong. Where their dreams matter. Where their voice is heard. Camp Fire’s Teen Programs provides over 360 students with individualized support, culturally responsive curriculum and mentoring, while engaging with students’…

Summer Day Camp

At CampFire Columbia, we help build confident, independent leaders who are able to engage and thrive in their world. Committed to providing an environment that is safe, fun, and nurtures a sense of belonging for each and every youth, Camp Fire is ready for summer! Camp Fire’s Summer Day Camp day-to-day activities provide youth, ages…

Before & After School

BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS Camp Fire Columbia’s Before & After School programs will open registration for the 2023/24 school year lottery at 12:30 pm Wednesday, May 10, 2023. Registration for the 2023/24 school year will look a bit different than in years past.  Camp Fire has designed a registration process that addresses stress for…


Camp Fire Columbia partners with schools and families to strengthen student achievement and extend the learning day, helping youth of all ages achieve their goals throughout the school year and summer months. During our school-year programs, Camp Fire keeps over 1,400 students learning in a safe, challenging environment in our before-school, after-school, and in-school programs…

Camp Fire Stories

From its founding, Camp Fire has walked the talk of youth leadership. We were among the first organizations in the country to allow young people to serve on our board of directors, and continue that legacy of youth leadership today. Camp Fire Columbia doesn’t just serve young people—we learn from them. Youth play a critical…