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Spark 2023

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Kai Soberon (They/Them/Theirs)

Program Aide, Grandhaven Elementary

YOUth Belong Here

Need More Reasons to Give Today? Mentoring programs for youth focused on meeting the unique needs of teens! Youth are STRONG when they feel that they belong! Continuing 100 years of Camp Namanu traditions like archery, weaving, and camp fire songs that enable all youth to realize their power and potential outdoors!

Karisa Yuasa

Bachelors of Social Work Intern, Memorial Elementary

Kendall O’Rorke

Bachelors of Social Work Intern, Hayhurst Elementary

Dani Monk

Bachelors of Social Work Intern, Willamette Primary

Jonathan Lovelace

Before and After School Program Lead, Woodlawn Elementary

Burt Keplinger

Camp Namanu Assistant Director of Property

Mason Kennedy

Camp Namanu Rental Manager