Camp Namanu’s Exhibit “A 100 Year Journey Toward Inclusion” at the Oregon Historical Society’s Museum

Camp Fire Columbia is so excited to share that Camp Namanu’s Exhibit “A 100 year Journey Toward Inclusion” at the Oregon Historical Society’s Museum opens February 16th! The exhibit will be open daily through Mid-June 2024.

Camp Namanu’s story is not merely a chronicle of the past. It is a narrative of transformation, progressing from a legacy of cultural appropriation to a commitment to reparations. It highlights the sincere efforts to rectify past wrongs and foster an environment that truly values diversity in all its forms. 

This exhibit invites you to reflect and ponder not only Camp Namanu’s evolution but also to consider how collective efforts towards inclusivity can shape a brighter, more equitable future. Camp Namanu’s 100-year journey is an inspiration, reminding us all that the pursuit of inclusion is a journey worth taking—one that requires reflection, humility, and an ongoing commitment to positive change.

Camp Fire Columbia & Camp Namanu staff will be at the Oregon Historical Society Museum on February 16th to welcome the community to the exhibit and share in the opening day excitement. Multnomah County Residents (with proof of residency) have free admissions, other tickets range from $5-10 dollars.

A 100 Year Journey Toward Inclusion


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