inclement weather policies

  • We follow school district decisions regarding delays and closures, but some instances require us to make our own decisions about delays or closures.
  • We use the Flash Alert Network to alert families about closures or delays. These will be posted on the local FLASH ALERT NETWORK web page and depending on timing may also be announced on radio or television.
  • We recommend that you set up a Flash Alert Network account to receive these notices directly to one or more emails or via text to your phone. When setting up your account it’s important to add both your school district and Camp Fire Columbia as organizations you want to receive messages from. There may be instances that Camp Fire sends out an independent message separate from your school district. (note: PPS has switched to using a text-based alert system, but Camp Fire will still notify families via Flash Alert Network!)
  • The Flash Alert Network account set up link: HTTPS://WWW.FLASHALERT.NET/NEWS.HTML?ID=4016
  • If you signed up for Flash Alert Network last school year, please check your subscription status, as they may clean out prior subscription

Additional Before and After School Inclement Weather Guidelines:

  • If the district announces school closures, then Camp Fire program is cancelled.
  • If the district announces an opening delay in the morning, then morning Camp Fire programming is cancelled, NOT delayed (this to help keep children and staff safe)
  • If the district announces an early school closure in the afternoon, then there will be NO afternoon Camp Fire program. Per school district policies you must contact your school to inform them how your child should get home.

For Non-School days (i.e. In-Service Days or Full Day programs), the school districts do not usually announce decisions about inclement weather to the public. Instead, they inform Camp Fire Staff directly of building closures. In these cases, Camp Fire Columbia will make decisions as necessary and notify families via Flash Alert Network.

Contact Before and After School Program staff at LAKE OSWEGO SCHOOLS, MCMINNVILLE SCHOOLS, PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL or WEST LINN/WILSONVILLE if you have any questions.

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